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Welcome to the website of Southend Liberal Democrats

Campaigning for Southend and district, all year round.

For any information then please contact us via the e-mail address above or via our Contact Us page.

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Published, Printed & Promoted by Christopher Bailey of behalf of Peter Gwizdala and Lucy V. Salek (Liberal Democrats), all at 77 Vernon Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 2PS

Recent updates

  • Carol Mulroney Echo Letter 4th April 2017
    Article: Apr 6, 2017
    In Southend Echo

    Carole Mulroney responds to a letter from Mark Smith in the Southend Echo

    Following a letter to the Southend Echo, Carol Mulroney responded:

    Lib Dems are party on the rise

    Mark Smith ponders the point of the Liberal Democrats. Well ponder this.

    Since the General Election, the Lib Dems have doubled their membership to 87,000, the highest for 20 years, with 5,000 joining in March alone. And since the EU referendum the Lib Dems have seen a surge of support in council byelections and, of course, we won Richmond from the Tories.

  • Panorama pre-march
    Article: Mar 29, 2017

    Southend Lib Dems were out in force for the Unite for Europe March in London at the weekend. This may be a surprise to some as there was a definite silence in some areas of the press, most noticeably the BBC.

    With estimates of between 25-100,000 attendees, not one arrest was made as the march passed peacefully, joyously and above all respectably. Respect much needed after the events that preceded the march - an attack on the UK's democracy, what better way to answer this attack than a march?!

    Southend Liberal Democrats followed up their attendance at September's March with numbers into double figures.

  • Southend and Chelmsford Lib Dems at Spring Conference 2017
    Article: Mar 27, 2017

    Southend Liberal Democrats attend Spring National Conference in York

    Some of our members, Katherine and Ben Loades, Adam Hutchins and John Batch have just returned from the National Spring Conference in York.

    Adam and John are pictured here with some of our colleagues from Chelmsford Liberal Democrats (L-R: Edward Longford, Andrew Sosin, Marie Goldman, Giovanni Sechi, Adam and John).

  • Councillor Carole Mulroney wants clarity on section 106 agreements
    Article: Mar 12, 2017
    In Leigh & West Leigh Focus: February 2017

    Public outrage whenever bungalows are demolished and replaced with pairs of houses or even blocks of flats led Southend Council to promote a planning policy to protect bungalows. The Council argued that there was a need to preserve the town's stock of low-level housing for elderly or disabled people who have trouble with stairs. With an ageing population the need is greater than ever.

  • Page: Mar 11, 2017

    The Long Standing Leigh Ward Coffee Mornings are a popular and regular get together, location changing week-to-week.

    The #LeighLDCM's are held each Saturday at 11am until 12.45pm.

    Here is the most up-to-date list of locations:

    18/03/2107 Don Mouatt 24 Stirling Avenue
    25/03/2017 Chris & Judith Bailey 77 Vernon Road
    01/04/2017 Carol White 65 Mount Avenue
    08/04/2017 Carol White 65 Mount Avenue
    15/04/2017 Iris Lenny 15 Dawlish Drive
    22/04/2017 Don Mouatt 24 Stirling Avenue
    29/04/2017 Carole Mulroney 83 Southsea Avenue
    06/05/2017 Margery Jones 48 Lansdowne Avenue
    13/05/2017 Shirley Pawson 28 Burnham Road
    20/05/2017 Christine Baker 7 Belfairs Close
    27/05/2017 Pat & Mike King 156 Marine Parade
    03/06/2017 Iris Lenny 15 Dawlish Drive
    10/06/2017 Margery Jones 48 Lansdowne Avenue
    17/06/2017 Elaine and Alan Crystall 16 Cliff Parade
    24/06/2017 Chris & Judith Bailey 77 Vernon Road
    01/07/2017 Iris Lenny 15 Dawlish Drive
    08/07/2017 Pat & Mike King 156 Marine Parade
    15/07/2017 Shirley Pawson 28 Burnham Road
    22/07/2017 Elaine and Alan Crystall 16 Cliff Parade
    29/07/2017 Don Mouatt 24 Stirling Avenue
  • Herschell House
    Article: Mar 11, 2017
    In Leigh & West Leigh Focus: February 2017

    Preserving Leigh's Historic Heritage Needs Constant Vigilance

    Herschell House is an early nineteenth century Grade II Listed Building on Leigh Hill in a Conservation Area. It is named after the Rev. Ridley Herschell who lived there when he was school master for the Lady of the Manor and left a lasting impression on Leigh.

  • Wallmarkings
    Article: Mar 10, 2017
    In Leigh & West Leigh Focus: February 2017

    For over 100 years there has been a viewing platform on Cliff Parade overlooking the estuary. It stands above the disused public conveniences in Cliff Gardens. Access to the area from Cliff Parade has been fenced off as it was a danger.

    The viewing area is a little gem of Leigh's history as the coping stones to the edges of the platform contain hundreds of pieces of graffiti dating back to before the Great War.

  • Ashley Thompson with Fence
    Article: Mar 10, 2017
    In Leigh & West Leigh Focus: February 2017

    When it is a hoarding, apparently!

    Our photo shows the tall "fence" that has been put up on private land just below Leigh Library Gardens. It blocks the views across the estuary which park users have enjoyed for over 150 years. But a fence over 2 metres high needs planning permission which this "fence" does not have - and which many residents would probably object to. But the owner argues that this is not a fence but a temporary hoarding around the property he is building, and therefore not subject to planning permission or the 2 metre rule.

  • Peter Wexham One-way Street
    Article: Mar 10, 2017
    In Leigh & West Leigh Focus: February 2017

    Some local roads are so heavily parked on both sides that there is not enough room for two cars to pass each other.

    When two motorists meet, one has to back up and sometimes tempers flare.

    Or motorists zoom down the road hoping to get through before someone else starts coming the other way.

    When local residents demand it, Southend Council can solve the problem by making the roads one-way. In recent weeks the Council has agreed to make Cliffsea Grove, Leighvillle Grove and Lansdowne Avenue one-way.

  • Cllr Carole Mulroney in front of a Leigh new build
    Article: Mar 9, 2017
    In Leigh & West Leigh Focus: February 2017

    Alongside the NHS, policing and social care, the lack of low cost housing is one of this country's most pressing problems. So Councils often try to make developers provide some affordable housing in their schemes, or pay for it to be built elsewhere.

    But in 2013 the then Minister in charge of planning, Eric Pickles, said that developers could walk away from their promises if they could show their development would not make enough money if affordable housing was included.

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